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WinISI III Calibration Software

WinISI III is the latest calibration package from ISI. WinISI III is a calibration only software package, and does not contain the routine operation programs. WinISI III includes all of the calibration and population structuring tools ISI has become renown for including:

  • Direct import of spectra and and monitor files from ISIscan
  • PLS, MLR and LOCAL calibration algorithms
  • Calibration monitoring program
  • LOCAL database management, optimizing and evaluation tools
  • Center and Select population structuring programs
  • Network management tools
  • Network monitoring program
  • Indicator variable option in calibration development
  • Enhanced graphical displays
  • Sample management program

Using WinISI III for all your calibration needs has never been easier. If you are using ISIscan™, simply export the sample spectra from the sample database into a WinISI III project directory and you are ready to calibrate. The resulting .eqa global calibrations and .red LOCAL databases can then be directly imported back into ISIscan. If you are using WinScan or a previous version of DOS NIRS software, the spectra files are directly compatible with WinISI III.

WinISI III is available in the following configurations:

Part number Description Application
IS-1480 WinISI III Calibration Development Software Software package for all new installations
IS-1485 WinISI III Calibration Development Software Upgrade WinISI III upgrade from any previous version of DOS NIRS or WinISI

Further information

Download a datasheet in PDF format.

To purchase WinISI, please contact your local FOSS Sales agent.

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