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WinISI 4 Calibration Software

WinISI 4 is the latest chemometric package from ISI. WinISI 4 is a true 32 bit program that began with WinISI III and added:

  • PC standardization
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Fast LOCAL for model optimization
  • Enhanced calibration monitor program
  • Redesigned Project Manager
  • Support for long file names

WinISI 4 includes all of the calibration and population structuring tools ISI has become renown for including:

  • Direct import of spectra and and monitor files from ISIscan
  • PLS, MLR and LOCAL calibration algorithms
  • Calibration monitoring program
  • LOCAL database management, optimizing and evaluation tools
  • Center and Select population structuring programs
  • Network management tools
  • Network monitoring program
  • Indicator variable option in calibration development
  • Enhanced graphical displays
  • Sample management program

WinISI 4 is completely compatible with all ISI file formats generated in ISIscan, WinScan, and even NIRS programs. Support for the additional discrimination methods and PC standardization will be added to ISIScan in fall 2007.

WinISI 4 is available in the following configurations:

Part number Description Application
IS-1490 WinISI 4 Calibration Development Software Software package for all new installations
IS-1495 WinISI 4 Calibration Development Software Upgrade WinISI 4 upgrade from any previous Windows WinISI version

To purchase WinISI or get addional information, please contact your local FOSS Sales agent.

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