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ISIscan Version 2.80 Details

January 25, 2006

ISIscan™ v 2.80 Update Details
The following new features are included with the version 2.80 update:

  • 0.5 nm Support for XDS.  Support for 0.5 nm data on XDS. 0.5 nm prediction models can be used with the XDS instrument, along with 0.5 and 2.0 nm standardization files (if needed).   0.5 nm spectra can be exported from ISIscan if enabled.
  • Crystal Reports.  All reporting functions in ISIscan is now handled by version 11 Crystal Reports components.  All previous report templates (version 8.5 ) are compatible with the new program.
  • RINA Client.  Version 2.80 is compatible with RINA, an NIR networking software scheduled for release early in 2006.
  • Print Prompt. Print on command button is now available in product configuration.

Bugs fixed in version 2.80
The bugs below were present in ISIscan™ version 2.71 or before and are fixed the in the 2.80 update:

  • LIMS Export  The LIMS export can be configured three additional formats including Space delimited text, Tab delimited text and Excel.
  • Print Button   A Print button can be configured from the Product profile to enable printing on command.
  • Unstable RFID reading on InfraXact cups.  A bug that made reading of the RFID information on InfraXact sample cups unstable has been fixed. Furthermore the RFID driver has been updated, ensuring more stable operation.
  • Error handling when moisture correction parameter is missing.  An error is displayed if the program encounters a prediction model where the input/output moisture bases are different but no moisture correction parameter has been specified.
  • System II power self test fails on some instruments.  On some System II instruments the instrument would report a voltage near 50V that should be near 100V, causing the self test to fail. This has been fixed.
  • Prediction model profile. A .red reduced file could not be updated with a .red file of a different scatter correction. Restrictions on updating Prediction models were loosened.
  • XDS diagnostics.  Performance test - both Print and Export buttons result in results being printed.  Self test - both Print and Export buttons result in results being exported.  This has been fixed in 2.80.
  • Search Dialog.   When selecting samples based on a date range and a UDF filter, the UDF filter was not used.  Samples selected are now filtered properly.

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